Tony Lewis of ‘DLS method’

Tony Lewis of ‘DLS method’

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Tony Lewis of ‘DLS method’
Tony Lewis cricket fame passed away at 78

On April 1, 2020

Who is Tony Lewis?

  • Tony Lewis, one of the men behind the Duckworth- Lewis- Stern (DLS) method
    He was born on February 25, 1942 in Bolton, Lancashire, UK (United Kingdom).

What is Duckworth-Lewis-Stern(DLS) method?

  • It is the mathematical formula used in weather-affected limited-overs cricket matches

Who developed DLS method?

  • Tony was a mathematician who, along with Frank Duckworth, developed the Duckworth- Lewis method in 1997 of resetting targets in the interrupted cricket matches.
  • The DLS method was adopted officially by the ICC (International Cricket Council) in 1999.
  • The method was renamed as Duckworth- Lewis- Stern (DLS) method in 2014, followed across the globe.

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