The Defence Research Development Organization has developed the SUMERU PACS, that helps to reduce sweating of Personal Protective Equipment wearers.

Notable Points

  • The DRDO scientists found that the PPE wearers felt very uncomfortable after wearing them for more than 30 minutes.
  • They start sweating and this worsens the situation.
  • In order, to solve this problem, personal air circulation system was developed by DRDO.
  • The system is to be used inside the PPE as a small backpack of 500 grams.
  • This has been named SUMERU PACS. They keep the wearer away from sweats.

About the system

  • The system draws outside air and the moist air goes out through a front face opening.
  • This cools the neck and head area.
  • The system is highly helpful for doctors and medical staffs who are forced to wear PPEs more than six hours in hospitals.

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