Rozgar Setu Scheme launched by Madhya Pradesh for skilled workers

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On May 28, 2020, the Madhya Pradesh Government launched Rojgar Setu Yojana to help migrant workers.

The scheme provides employment to the migrant workers.

Key Features of the Scheme

  • The Rozgar Setu scheme will provide employment to migrant workers that have returned to their homes.
  • The scheme is to conduct a complete survey on population of the state.
  • Along with the scheme, the Madhya Pradesh State Government is planning to implement Svamitva Scheme.
  • The Swamitva scheme was launched by PM Modi during Panchayati Raj Day in 2020.

Svamitva Scheme

  • The Svamitva Scheme was launched to map rural lands that are inhabited.
  • The mapping is to be done using drones. Svamitva is Survey of Villages and Mapping with Improvised Technology in Village Areas.
  • The scheme will help to provide integrated validation solution.
  • The scheme will also help in revenue collection in rural areas.
  • The programme is currently being implemented in Karnataka, Haryana, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh.

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