Ministry of HRD launched YUKTI Portal

Ministry of HRD launched YUKTI Portal

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Ministry of HRD launched YUKTI Portal

What is YUKTI portal?

    • It is to Monitor initiatives of Young India Combating COVID with Knowledge, Technology and Innovation.

Under which ministry?

    • The Ministry of Human Resource and Development

What is the aim of this portal?

    • To act as a two-way communication between the institutions and the ministry.
    • It will also provide information for the ministry to monitor activities in the coming six months.
    • Also, the platform will help in taking research updates to the citizens in the country.

What this portal does?

    • This portal will record, cover and monitor initiatives of Ministry of HRD and other educational institutes in the country.

What are the important Highlights?

    • The main It will act as a platform for the institutions to share their knowledge about challenges faced in encountering COVID-19.

What does this portal cover?

  • It will cover several initiatives of research and academics.
  • It will also include social initiatives taken for the betterment of students.

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