Large Earthquakes Monitored by Ionospheric based system

Large Earthquakes Monitored by Ionospheric based system

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Large Earthquakes Monitored by Ionospheric based system

Why in News

    • Indian Institute of Geomagnetism (IIG) studied signs of latest large earthquakes in ionosphere.

What is Indian Institute of Geomagnetism(IIG)?

    • It is an autonomous institution of the Department of Science and Technology.

What is the aim/motive of this research?

  • It is to derive the seismic source characteristics from the ionosphere.

Why this research conducted?

    • It is part of the interdisciplinary program ‘Coupled Lithosphere-Atmosphere- Ionosphere-Magnetosphere System (CLAIMs)’ of IIG.

What is Coupled Lithosphere-Atmosphere- Ionosphere-Magnetosphere System(CLAIMS)?

    • Its focus on energy transfer to the atmosphere during solid Earth processes such as earthquakes as well as tsunamis.

What are the key features of this?

    • Scientists noticed that the spatial distribution of near field co-seismic ionospheric perturbations (CIP) associated with the earthquake could reflect well the ground deformation pattern evolved around the epicentre.

How do they derive this?

    • With Global Positioning System (GPS) measured Total Electron Content (TEC).

What is Total Electron Content?

    • It is the total number of electrons present along a path between a radio transmitter and receiver.

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