Krishi Rath Application Launched

Krishi Rath Application Launched

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Krishi Rath Application Launched

krishi rath application

What is Krishi Rath application?

    • Krishi Rath application is to help farmers to transport their agriculture produce to the mandis

When it was launched?

    • On April 17, 2020

Who Launched Krishi Rath application?

    • The Government of India

What is the current system?

    • The Custom Hiring Centres available
    • They will provide it for less price

What are the important Features of Krishi Rath application?

    • The application is user friendly
    • The farmer can post what he wish to transport and its quantity
    • After the posting he will be availed with the trucks and their pricing in the app
    • If the farmer likes the quote he can confirm
    • Farmer will get the details of the transporter
    • Farmer can directly contact the provider and also can bargain the price

How it helps the Traders?

    • Traders can earn money through the transportation system

What are the expectations from the app?

    • Timely service delivery
    • It offers competitive price
    • Rating option also provided for quality services

Source: New Indian Express

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