DRDO Developed UV Blaster Disinfection Tower

DRDO Developed UV Blaster Disinfection Tower

DRDO Developed UV Blaster Disinfection Tower

Why in News?

  • The Defence Research and Development Organization developed Ultra Violet Disinfection Tower for chemical free and rapid disinfection
  • The tower is to be highly helpful in high infection prone areas

How this UV Disinfection tower works?

  • The UV Disinfection tower can be operated through mobile phone or laptop remotely
  • There are six lamps each of 43 watts
  • The lamps emit Ultra Violet light of wavelength 254 nm in 360 degrees of illumination
  • The tower will switch off during human intervention or accidental opening of the room
  • The device also provides arm operation

Notable Points

  • The equipment named UV Blaster is a UV based sanitizer that was designed and developed by DRDO
  • It is highly helpful for disinfecting high tech surfaces such as computers, electronic equipment and other gadgets
  • UV Blaster is helpful in offices where chemical methods may not be suitable
  • The product is also very much suitable in areas where chemical methods cannot be implemented.


  • The DRDO has been developing several new technologies and products to help in disinfection, sample collection, cost effective personal protective equipment
  • Several of these technologies were transferred to private sector companies. Recently DRDO developed ATULYA, a microwave sterilizer to help disinfecting COVID-19
  • DRDO had also developed a kiosk for COVID-19 sample collection.

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