Daily Current Affairs Today 8 May 2020

Daily Current Affairs Today 8 May 2020

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Indian Scientists developed energy efficient photodetector for security applications

Indian Scientists developed energy efficient photodetector for security applications

The scientists from the Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advances Scientific Research (JNCASR) has fabricated energy efficient photodetector for security applications.

Notable Points

    • The autonomous institute has fabricated energy efficient, economical and wafer scale photodetector.
    • The photodetector was designed using gold-silicon interface for security applications.
    • It will also help to detect weak scattered light.

What are the challenges faced?

    • Today, photodetectors are used in wide range of applications
    • They are employed in wide range of applications from control of automatic lighting in supermarkets to detect radiations from outer galaxy.
    • The only issue is their cost of fabrication.
    • This makes them unaffordable for day to day applications.
    • The newly invented photodetector helps to address this issue.

About the invention

    • The scientists in the new invention have fabricated gold-silicon interface that shows high sensitivity towards light.
    • The interface was brought between the elements with the help of galvanic deposition.
    • Water based solutions were used to deposit the ions.
    • This has made the detector affordable and also more efficient.

What are the benefits with this?

    • The detector has a rapid response time of 40 micro seconds
    • It covers broad range between UV and IR
    • As the device works in self powered mode, no external power source is required
    • This makes the device highly energy efficient

Resistance Front of Kashmir Terror Group

What is “The Resistance Front” in news frequently?

“The Resistance Front” is the new name of terror group in Kashmir.

The group is made of existing terror groups such as Jais-e-Mohammad, Hizbul Mujahidin, LeT (Lashkar-e-Taiba) and Al-Badr.

The Resistance Front has claimed responsibility for the attack in Kupwara district along the Line of Control on April 5, 2020, where 5 army personnel were killed.

Notable Points

    • According to the Indian Army, The Resistance Front (TRF) is like the old wine in new bottle! The new terror group is being supported by Pakistan.
    • This is being done to get deniability of action under the Financial Action Task Force (FATF).
    • Pakistan has been under constant pressure from the FATF to cut its financial support to the terrorist organizations.

How is TRF operating?

    • The TRF has an active online presence.
    • It is now a rebranded terror group as a non-religious rebellion.
    • It uses Haqqani and Jaish-e-Mohammad in Afghanistan to target Indian Embassy and other consulates.
    • The TRF has clear imprints of ISI (Islamic State of Iraq) in its operation.

What is the background?

    • The TRF has come up in the Kashmir region after Indian Government had abrogated Article 370.
    • It is to be noted that the TRF has owned responsibility for the first grenade attack on October, 2019 after scrapping Article 370.
    • Recently, in March 2020, the Kashmir police arrested 6 terrorists who claimed themselves to be part of the TRF

First antimicrobial and washable Face Mask NSAFE

First antimicrobial and washable Face Mask NSAFE

The Startup of IIT Delhi has found an antimicrobial face mask that can be washed and reused for 50 times. The Nanosafe Solutions at IIT Delhi has developed the masks to fight against COVID-19.

Notable Points

    • The NSAFE face mask provides 99.2% of bacterial filtration.
    • This is the first fabric-based face mask that is antimicrobial and washable.
    • The mask complies ASTM standards.

ASTM International

    • It was formerly known as American Society for Testing and Materials.
    • It is an international standards organization that develops and publishes technical standards for materials, services and products.
    • The headquarters of the organization is located in Pennsylvania.
    • It was founded in 1898.

About the mask

    • The Mask provides the wearer three different mechanisms namely mechanical filtration, repulsion of aerosol droplets and antimicrobial decontamination.
    • The mask consists of three layers namely inner hydrophilic layer that provides comfort by absorbing moisture and sweat.
    • This, eases breathing of the wearer.
    • The second layer has antimicrobial activity and the outer most layer has water and oil repellent behaviour.
    • The mask is also splash resistant.

What is splash resistant?

  • Splash resistance is the capability of the mask to survive in rain as well.
  • In simple words, the mask and its layers will work the same in rain as well.
  • They are water proof

National Land Management Corporation recommended by National Infrastructure Pipeline Task Force

National Land Management Corporation recommended by National Infrastructure Pipeline Task Force

The Task Force on National Infrastructure Pipeline recently submitted its report to the Finance Minister Smt Nirmala Sitaraman. Under the report, the task force has recommended to set up National Land Management Corporation.

Notable Points

    • The National Land Management Corporation will help to monetize state-owned surplus lands in a systematic way.
    • The Task Force recommends to set up the corporation under Companies Act.
    • The Corporation will also manage the lands that are owned by the Government of India.

Recommendations given are 

The following were recommended by the task force

    • To hire a technical team to operate under the corporation. The team will be market-linked.
    • A Chief Executive Officer shall be appointed to lead the corporation
    • The Corporation will raise capital from the equity market
    • The corporation will work with several government departments including Defence Ministry and Railways.
    • The Corporation is to develop model concession agreements.

Know the background

    • The Government of India is to bring about 100 lakh crore investment in the infrastructure sector in the next five years.
    • Therefore, it is important to bring about new monitoring agencies as that of the National Land Management Corporation to make sure there is enough availability of land to make the investment fruitful.

Royal Bengal Tigers in Sundarbans increase its number to 96

Royal Bengal Tigers in Sundarbans increase its number to 96

The Bengal Forest Ministry On May 7, 2020 announced that the number of Royal Bengal Tigers in the Sundarbans has increased to 96 according to the census conducted for the year 2019-20.

Notable Points

    • In 2017-18, the total count of Royal Bengal Tigers in Sundarbans was 87.
    • It increased to 88 in the 2018-19 census.
    • With the numbers reaching 96, there has been a big leap.
    • The tigers are healthy according to the video footages of the forest department.
    • The cameras have been installed across 4,200 square kilometres.
    • Of this, 3,700 square kilometres is said to be tiger territory.
    • Under IUCN, the Royal Bengal Tigers are listed as Endangered Species.

Tiger Territory

    • Tigers live in dense vegetation.
    • A habitat of a tiger is not only the place where it lives and preys.
    • It also includes the areas where the tigers congregate and establishes a territory.
    • It is called Tiger Territory.
    • Tigers generally limit their movements within their territory.
    • Every tiger has its own territory.


    • The Sundarbans are of universal importance and is the largest mangrove forest in the world.
    • It is one of the World Heritage Site.
    • The Sundarbans mangrove forests are formed on the delta of Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna rivers.

Global Tiger Forum

    • The Global Tiger Forum is the only inter-governmental organization that is involved in promoting conservation of tiger.
    • India is also a part of the programme.
    • According to the forum, tigers have lost 97% of their population and 94% of their home

Tripura Launched Mukhyamantri Yuba Yogayog Yojana National scholarship online portal www.scholarships.gov.in

Tripura Launched Mukhyamantri Yuba Yogayog Yojana National scholarship online portal

Tripura, Chief Minister(CM) Biplab Kumar Deb on May 6, 2020 launched a National Scholarship online portal website(https:/ /scholarships.gov.in/) under ‘Mukhyamantri Yuba Yogayog Yojana’

What is this portal about?

  • It is an incentive scheme at the state secretariat so that students can apply for this scheme for the Academic Year 2019-20
  • Rs 7.30 crore will be spent on the scheme

About Tirupura:

  • Capital– Agartala
  • Governor– Ramesh Bais
  • Wildlife Sanctuary (WS)– Sepahijala WS, Bishalgarh, Sepahijala District; Trishna WS, Belonia, South Tripura; Rowa Wildlife Sanctuary, North Tripura; Gomati Wildlife
    Sanctuary, Between Gomati & Dhalai District
  • National Park (NP)– Clouded Leopard NP, Bishalgarh, Sepahijala District

Objective of the Scheme

  • The objective is to provide grants for the purchase of smartphones to the students of final year to empower them digitally & help them leverage the advantages of an interconnected world
  • Through the implementation of the scheme, the student will be able to get employment through internet platforms.

Who will be benefited with this initiative?

  • Final year undergraduate students
  • From any government college/Institute/University in Tripura.
  • The benefit can be availed once in a lifetime.

Who is Eligibile?

  • Resident of Tripura state
  • Must study in a college resided in Tripura state

How would they pay?

  • Government Will provide Rs 5000 or cost of the phone whichever is lower

What are the details required for filing applications?

  • To avail the benefits you have to submit the following documents without any objection
  • Aadhaar number
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • All Educational certificate
  • College or institutes name
  • Account number of Bank
  • Voter ID card
  • Results in proof
  • mobile & email ID
  • Submit the application before 6th May to 6th June 2020

Notable Points

  • It will enable the students to get employment through internet platforms Through the implementation of the scheme the student will be able to get employment through internet platforms
  • The guidelines for the incentive scheme as well as Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) and User manual for Institutes are available on the website
  • Institutions were informed that timely verification of application which includes scrutiny of documents namely Invoice of the Mobile Phone, Bank passbook, Last year Mark sheets etc. is the responsibility of the College/ Institute Nodal officer(verification is to be made between 15th May to 15th June 2020)

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