Daily Current Affairs Today 17 May 2020

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NMIS-National Migrant Information System developed by NDMA

NMIS-National Migrant Information System developed by NDMA

  • The National Disaster Management Authority on May 16, 2020 launched the National Migrant Information System.
  • It is a central online repository for the migrant workers.

Notable Points

  • The online portal will help in inter-state communication to facilitate smooth movement of migrant workers.
  • The portal also has added advantages such as contact tracing that will help in COVID-19 response work.
  • The repository will hold details such as name, mobile number, age, destination district, date of travel and originating district.
  • The GoI has been taking several measures to help the stranded workers and migrants wanting to shift to their home towns.

Shramik trains

  • The GoI operated more than 1,074 Shramik trains to allow migrants to return back to their home towns.
  • These trains ferried more than 14 lakh workers.
  • Of these 80% of the trains terminated in Uttar Pradesh.
  • UP was followed by Bihar, Madhya Pradesh.
  • This also shows that these states have the maximum number of migrant workers

Next Generation Biodegradable Metal Implants developed by ARCI scientists

Next Generation Biodegradable Metal Implants developed by ARCI scientists

  • The scientists of Advanced Research Centre for powder metallurgy and new materials along with Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute of Medical Sciences (SCTIMST) have developed new biodegradable implant.
  • The implants were developed from Iron-Manganese alloy.

Notable Points

  • The alloy is highly applicable for making biodegradable orthopedic implant applications and stents.
  • These implants participate in the healing process and gradually degrade maintaining the mechanical integrity.
  • They do not leave out any residues in the human body.
  • They are certainly better alternatives to current implants.


  • During the degradation process, calcium phosphate deposits on the implants.
  • This is caused due to local alkalization.
  • When the calcium and phosphates getting deposited gets saturated, they allow the cells they allow the cells to form into tissues forming tissues.

Current Implants

  • The current implants cause long term side effects such as toxicity, thrombosis and chronic inflammation.
  • These side effects are not present in biodegradable implants.
  • The bio degradable materials are iron, zinc and manganese

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