Daily Current Affairs 8th April 2020

Daily Current Affairs 8th April 2020

Covid-19 Monitoring System app by Telangana Government


    • On April 6, 2020

What is the Objective of COVID-19 Monitoring System app?

    • It is to identify patients, undertake live surveillance, track, monitor
    • This will send the real time data to Chief Minister and state health department.

Who released COVID-19 Monitoring System app?

    • The Public Health and Family Welfare Department of the government (govt) of Telangana deployed

What is the significance of this app?

    • India’s first automated “COVID- 19 Monitoring System Application”.

Developed by?

    • The startup Vera Smart Healthcare

About Telangana

    • Capital– Hyderabad.
    • Chief Minister (CM)– K. Chandrashekar Rao.
    • Governor– Tamilisai Soundararajan.

Important Highlights

    • with this every health caller can handle more than 1500 calls
    • It has a chatbot interaction every day with a patient
    • Technologies used in this are Internet Of Things (IOT), GPS (Global Positioning System) and geo-tagging
    • District Medical and health officers in-charge can avail this app
    • Accurate information sent to the CMO (Chief Medical Officer)

5T Plan of Delhi Government to control COVID-19


    • On April 7, 2020

What is 5T plan?

5T plan includes

    1. Testing
    2. Tracing
    3. Teamwork
    4. Treatment
    5. Tracking

What Delhi govt does under “Testing”?

    • Conducts 1 lakh rapid tests in hotspot areas of Delhi.
    • The current hotspots Garden, Dilshad and Nizamuddin

What Delhi govt does under “Tracing”?

    • It is to identify the people who have come in contact with the COVID-19 positive patients.
    • The identified persons will be quarantined.
    • Government seeks Delhi police help to trace

What Delhi govt does under “Treatment”?

    • Around 2,950 beds have been reserved exclusively for COVID-19 positive patients.
    • Beds in private hospitals identified to treat COVID-19  patients alone.
    • More than 12,000 hotel rooms are to be taken over.

What Delhi govt does under “Teamwork”?

    • The State works with centre in this programme.
    • The technology professionals, doctors and nurses are the main members of this programme.

What Delhi govt does under “Tracking and Monitoring”?

    • Government will actively monitor the step being taken in implementing the 5T programme.
    • It will take actions to contain the spread of the virus.


Door Delivery of fish Scheme by Krishi Vigyan Kendra in Kochi city

What is Door Delivery of fish scheme?

  • It is delivering fish to households in Kochi city

Who and What is this Krishi vigyan kendra?

  • Krishi Vigyan Kendra Launched it
  • The Krishi Vigyan Kendra operates under Central Marine Fisheries Research Institute

Important Highlights under this initiative?

  • Due to lockdown there is a huge demand to the fish
  • This initiative gained momentum

Who is operating this initiative?

  • Operated by Self Help Groups

Five research projects against the spread of COVID-19 by Government of India

When was this introduced?

    • On April 3, 2020

Who introduced these 5 projects?

    • The Government of India

Launched Under which scheme?

    • Launched Under Intensification of Research in High Priority Areas Scheme(IRPHA)

Scheme Implemented by?

    • Science and Engineering Research Board(SERB)

Operated Under?

    • Department of Science and Technology.

Focus of the projects?

    • The projects neither focus on vaccines nor on medicines.
    • Priority is to mitigate the spread

Who supervises these projects?

    • The Department of Science and Technology

What are those Five research projects?

  1. Bio Marker:
    • Aim is to search the metabolite biomarker signature for the virus.
    • These markers helps in capturing the activities of the cell or an organism infected with the virus.
    • This knowledge is base for developing potential drug for the vaccines

2. Viricidal Coatings:

    • Aim is to develop viricidal coatings
    • Used in surgical masks to prevent the spread of highly contagious viruses such as SARS, COVID-19, etc.

3. Antiviral Surface Coatings:

    • The aim is to develop polymeric compounds that will be coated upon surfaces and will kill the viruses completely upon contact.
    • Aim is to develop antiviral surface coatings
    • It is to help prevent spread of infections caused by influenza virus.

4. New Material:

    • It is to develop a material
    • It can be applied over surfaces
    • It removes viruses and bacteria adhering to it.

5. Antibody based capture

    • It is the fifth project
    • To develop antibody-based capture of COVID-19
    • It inactivate it using lipid based gel.


Jan Aushashi Sugam App  for Home delivery of medicines by Swasth Ke Sipahi

Who and What is Jan Aushashi Sugam App?

    • The Pharmacists of the Pradhan Mantri Janaushadhi Kendra established under the Pradhan Mantri Bharatiya Janaushadhi Pariyojana (PMBJAP)

Why this programme introduced?

    • To deliver essential medicines at the doorsteps of elderly and other patients.

What are the Highlights of this programme?

    • It is to provide affordable medicines to the citizens of the country
    • Aim is to help GOI to maintain social distancing.

The pharmacies or Kendras run by?

    • Bureau of Pharma PSU (Public Sector Unit) of India (BPPI)



Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) export allowed by India


    • On April 7, 2020

What is issue of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient?

    • The Government of India allowed the export of 12 Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).

Who Opposed this ban?

    • The Pharmexcil  (Pharmaceuticals and Export Promotion Council of India)

Operates under?

    • Ministry of Commerce and Industry

What comes under Pharmexcil?

    • API
    • Unani
    • Siddha
    • Homeopathy
    • surgicals
    • nutraceuticals
    • biologics
    • ayurvedha
    • dosage forms.

What are the drugs banned?

  • Vitamins B6, B1, B12,
  • Neomycin
  • Erythromycin
  • Acyclovir


DigiLocker Now a National Academic Depository (NAD) by HRD Ministry

What is Digilocker?

    • It is an online document wallet
    • Launched in 2015
    • It is an Aadhaar-based cloud-based locker
    • Users can store electronic versions of important documents
    • Launched by the Department of Electronics & Information Technology (DeitY)

What happened now?

    • It is designated as the sole National Academic Depository (NAD)

Who designates it?

    • It is designated by Ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD)

Why the ministry designated like this?

    • To enable educational institutions to store digital copies of academic awards, mark sheets and certificates on the cloud-based service.

Who implements now?

    • University Grants Commission (UGC)  implements National Academic Depository as a permanent scheme within Digilocker.


‘Force majeure’ not applicable to COVID-19 death claims

Why in News?

In a move to reassure COVID-19 health policy holders, the Life Insurance Council of India has confirmed that the clause of ‘Force Majeure’ will not apply in case of COVID-19 death claims and it is applicable for both state-run and private life insurance players.

What is Force majeure?

    • This term originated from French law
    • It means that any unexpected event such as an act of god or disaster that affects the normal functioning of the insurer, they can not claim money under their respective policy

About Life Insurance Council

    • It is a forum that connects various stakeholders of the insurance sector.
    • It coordinates all discussions between the Government, Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI), and the public.

What covers under Force Majeure?

    • Act of God or natural disasters,
    • war or war-like situations,
    • labour unrest or strikes,
    • epidemics,
    • pandemics, etc.


New Chairman and Vice Chairperson to NASSCOM , UB Pravin Rao & Rekha Menon 


    • On April 6, 2020

What is the issue?

The National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM) appoints

    • UB Pravin Rao as its chairman
    • Rekha M Menon as its vice president

Who are these two people?

    • Infosys Chief Operating Officer(COO)
    • Chairman and senior managing director of Accenture in India 


  • Headquarters– Noida, Uttar Pradesh
  • President– Debjani Ghosh (1st women president of NASSCOM)


PepsiCo New Brand Ambassador Shafali Verma 

Why in News?

    • Beverage Major PepsiCo has named a new Brand Ambassodor

Who is the new PepsiCo brand ambassador?

    • Shafali Verma(16) Indian Women Cricketer
    • Earlier  Bollywood star Salman Khan as its face for 2 years.

Important info

Shafali Verma:

    • State: Haryana
    • Played the ICC (International Cricket Council) Women’s T20I (Twenty20 International) World Cup against Australia in Melbourne.
    • She also claimed the top spot in ICC T20I rankings
    • The youngest woman cricketer to play for India when she debuted against South Africa.
    • She broke the 30-year old record of Indian Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, as the youngest Indian to score an international half-century in November 2019

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