Daily Current Affairs 28th April 2020

Daily Current Affairs 28th April 2020

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Low Cost Mechanical Ventilator Ruhdaar developed by IIT Bombay

Low cost mechanical ventilator developed by IIT bombayLow Cost Mechanical Ventilator Ruhdaar developed by IIT Bombay

Why in News?

Students from IIT Bombay, Islamic University of Science and Technology, NIT Srinagar invented a low-cost ventilator called “Ruhdaar”.

What is Ruhdaar?

    • Ruhdaar is a low cost mechanical ventilator
    • The production cost of ventilator is Rs 10,000
    • The student who designed this is inspired by the Kashmir student who experienced lack of ventilators in his state

What is the importance of this?

    • The COVID-19 infection is getting down due to the initiatives by GOI
    • Acc to Health ministry about 80% of Indians infected with COVID 19 experiencing mild illness, 15% will need oxygen support and only 5% will need ventilators
    • It is need of the hour to invent latest models for self sufficiency

What are the Measures taken by Govt?

Govt implementing two-pronged approach to enhance the production of ventilators

  1. Firstly, It is planning to increase domestic production of ventilators
  2. Secondly, to search for supplies from different parts of the world

Andhra Pradesh Govt launched ‘Covid Pharma’ mobile application to trace medicine buyers

Andhra Pradesh Govt launched ‘Covid Pharma’ mobile application to trace medicine buyers

Main focus on the people buying medicines for fever, cold

AP Medical and Health Dept On April 25, 2020 launched ‘Covid Pharma’, a mobile application(app)

About AP:

  • State Tree– Neem tree
  • State Flower– Water lilies
  • State Animal– Blackbuck

Why Covid Pharma?

    • To track the people who are buying medicines over-the-counter (OTC) for cough, cold and fever from medical stores across the state
    • Andhra Pradesh Govt launched ‘Covid Pharma’ app

Know More About Covid Pharma

    • The pharmacies have to download the app
    • They need to register the details of persons, including their mobile number, making OTC purchases of medicines for common ailments
    • THey have to share those who buy medicines with a prescription
    • Share these details with the health department for better monitoring

What is the motive behind this app?

    • It is to monitor patients who experience any increase in cold & fever
    • It helps to trace easily the persons with any symptoms of coronavirus
    • Simultaneously it works as an additional precautionary measure for regular sample testing

Gujarat govt launched Umbare Aanganwadi to help children during lockdown

Gujarat govt launched Umbare Aanganwadi to help children during lockdown

The Women and Child Development Ministry (WCD) of Gujarat state Government On Apr 27, 2020 launched an unique initiative called ‘Umbare Aanganwadi (doorstep Aanganwadi)

About Gujarat:

    • Capital– Gandhinagar
    • Chief minister– Vijay Rupani
    • Governor– Acharya Devvrat
    • State Flower– Marigold
    • State Fruit– Mango

Is there any parent program for this?

  • Yes, it works under ICDS (Integrated Child Development Services) programme


To reach out to children during the lockdown

Notable points

    • Under this initiative, the ICDS department of the state will mainly offers ready to eat nutritious food packets through AMUL
    • It is to its beneficiaries including 14 lakh children between 3-6 years of age, pregnant and nursing women and adolescent girls through the network of around 53 thousand Aanganwadi
    • In addition to this, ICDS Department initiated a TV programme called ‘Umbare Aanganwadi’which telecast every alternate day through Vande Gujarat channel as well as on Jio TV &You Tube

What do they show on TV’s?

  • The regular theme based modules of Aanganwadi are being taught in an interactive the way.

What is Anganwadi?

  • Anganwadi is a government-supported center at the village level to cater to the nutritional, health and education needs of young children.

IIT Ropar designed ‘WardBot’ to deliver food, medicines to COVID-19 patients

IIT Ropar designed ‘WardBot’ to deliver food, medicines to COVID-19 patients

Why in News?

A team of researchers at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Ropar in Punjab designed an autonomous ‘WardBot’

About IIT-Ropar:

  • Motto– Guide in the Right Direction.
  • Director– Sarit Kumar Das.

What the WardBot does?

It delivers medicines and food to COVID-19 patients in isolation wards without human intervention

About WardBot

  • The Ward robot is fitted with sensors
  • It can work on a known path and can carry food items,medicines and necessary equipment for delivery to patients at different beds from one room to the other from the remotely located control room.

Notable Points

  • These wardbots helps in reducing the risk of the frontline health staff getting infected with the deadly virus (COVID-19).
  • The control room instructs multiple bots to accomplish tasks simultaneously on different floors
  • The WardBot uses simple gesture sensors for a quarantined person to wave a bye to the robot, as an indication of receiving the material. Patients will get intimation through bed IDs being displayed on small LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) units.
  • WardBot  is a self-sanitising on the return path and could be used for sanitising walls of the hospital and can also work in low-light conditions.


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