May 1st current affairs 2020

Daily Current Affairs 1st May 2020

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Delhi Police Organized AYURAKSHA Programme

Delhi Police Organized AYURAKSHA Programme

Why in News?

The All India Institute of Ayurveda (AIIA) organized AYURAKSHA Programme under the Ministry of AYUSH (Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathy).

Aim of AYURAKSHA Programme?

    • The aim is to maintain the health of front-line workers of COVID-19
    • It is a joint venture of AIIA and Delhi Police and was titled AYURAKSHA “Corona Se Jung-Delhi Police Ke Sang”
    • The main objective of the programme is to fight against simple and time tested Ayurveda immunity boosting measures

What is the Plan?

    • Under the programme the Delhi Police has come up with a proposal to maintain the health of the COVID-19 front line warriors
    • This includes the police personnel as well. According to the plan, Ayurveda immunity measures are to be adopted
    • The proposal is to be implemented in phased manner. In phase I, the quarantined officials are to be covered
    • In Phase II, police officers in containment zones are to be covered
    • In phase III, the officers in quarantine zones are to be covered. Finally in Phase IV, the police men working in front line of the COVID-19 combat are to be covered.

What are the Recommendations?

    • The programme recommends Chyawanaprasha
    • Chyawanprasha has Amla as main ingredient
    • It also recommends other major formulations such as Sanshamani Vati and anu Taila
    • These formulations use simple herbs and are time tested

Government brought Cauvery Water Management Authority under the Jal Shakti Ministry

Government brought Cauvery Water Management Authority under the Jal Shakti Ministry

The central government on April 29, 2020 brought the Cauvery Water Management Authority(CWMA) under the Jal Shakti Ministry

Current position?

It was earlier under the Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation

Jal Shakti Ministry

    • It is formed by merging Department of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga
    • Rejuvenation and Department of Drinking Water and Sanitation in May 2019
    • Union Minister– Gajendra Singh Shekhawat (Constituency- Jodhpur)
    • Minister of state– Rattan Lal Kataria (Constituency- Ambala)

Notable Points

    • This decision is a formality of business allotment, which means that the authority must report to the Ministry of Jal Shakti.
    • The move will have no impact on the independent nature of the functioning of the authority.
    • Water management authorities of other rivers have also been brought under the ministry, which was earlier under the same ministry as CWMA.


    • Central government under Section 4 of the Inter-State River Water Disputes Act, 1956 had constituted the Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal on June 2, 1990 to address the dispute regarding the Inter-State river Cauvery and the river valley among the States of Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Union territory of Puducherry.
    • Under section 6A of the Act, the Central Government notified the Cauvery Water Management Scheme on 01st June, 2018, inter alia, constituting the ‘Cauvery Water Management Authority’ and the ‘Cauvery Water Regulation Committee’ to give effect to the decision of the Cauvery Water Disputes Tribunal as modified by the Court on 16th February, 2018
    • The board has the members of riparian states & a nominee of the Centre

T S Tirumurti appointed as Ambassador/Permanent Representative of India to United Nations

T S Tirumurti appointed as Ambassador/Permanent Representative of India to United Nations

T S Tirumurti an Indian Foreign Service officer of 1985 currently serving as the Secretary, Economic Relations in the Ministry of External Affairs on 29th April 2020

About Ministry of External Affairs:

    • External Affairs Minister– Subrahmanyam Jaishankar
    • Minister of State for External Affairs– V.Muraleedharan
    • Headquarters– South Block, New Delhi


    • He was appointed as the permanent representative of India to the United Nations(UN) at New York, succeeding Syed Akbaruddin following his retirement
    • Syed Akbaruddin is an Indian diplomat who played a crucial role in pushing for designation of Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammed chief Masood Azhar as a global terrorist by the UN.
    • Akbaruddin has been serving as the permanent representative of India to the UN since 2016 January.
    • The government appointed Jaideep Mazumdar, Indian envoy to the Philippines as India’s Ambassador to Austria, Deepak Mittal, Joint Secretary in the Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran(PAI) division of the Ministry as India’s ambassador to Qatar as a part of diplomatic reshuffle.
    • Piyush Srivastava the Joint Secretary in the Nepal and Bhutan division of the Ministry is named India’s next ambassador to Bahrain and Namrata S Kumar as next ambassador to Slovenia

Department of Science and Technology Launched YASH Programme

Department of Science and Technology Launched YASH Programme

Programme YASH was launched on April 30, 2020 by the Department of Science and Technology

YASH is Year of Awareness on Science and Health

The awareness is being created to focus on COVID-19

What is the aim of this initiative?

    • The initiative aims at encouraging public engagement and enable communities to increase their sense of awareness against COVID-19
    • The programme has been launched to minimize the risks of COVID-19 at all levels with the help of public awareness
    • By this, the governments can take informed decisions and mange associated risks


The YASH programe will help in improving risk understanding, indigenous knowledge, bring attitudinal changes, to cope with courage and confidence

Important highlights?

    • The National Council for Science and Technology Communication (NCSTC) operating under Department of Science and Technology launched YASH
    • It is to focus on COVID-19
    • It is a comprehensive science and health communication initiative to promote grass-root level response on health

What is the plan?

    • Under the initiative, the NCSTC has planned to work out academic, media, research and voluntary organizations to prepare for emergency and also to address challenges
    • The programme will include health, science and risk communication software, audio-visual, folk performances, digital platforms and communicators to address the challenges
    • The programme is to be launched in regional languages

Microwave sterilizer ATULYA to disintegrate COVID-19 developed

Microwave sterilizer ATULYA to disintegrate COVID-19 developed

Why in News?

The Defence Institute of Advanced Technology, deemed university operating under Defence Research and Development Organization has designed microwave sterilizer called “ATULYA”.

What is Sterilization?

    • Sterilization is the process by which different forms of life, especially micro organisms such as fungi, virus, bacteria, spores and other Eukaryotic organisms such as Plasmodium are eliminated, killed, removed or deactivated.
    • Sterilization is different from sanitization, pasteurization, disinfection.
    • The main methods used in sterilization includes dry heat, pressure, gas vapor, ultra violet radiation, chlorine dioxide gas, etc.

What are the important highlights?

    • The Sterilizer is used to disintegrate COVID-19 virus
    • The sterilizer uses differential heating to disintegrate the virus in the range of 56 degree Celsius to 60 degree Celsius
    • The weight of the designed sterilizer is 3 kgs
    • The time of sterilization depends on the size of the object
    • The device is cost effective and can be run in fixed and portable installations as well

There are other methods of sterilization as well

    • This includes dry heat, flaming, incineration, tyndallization, glass bead sterilizers, chemical sterilization
    • The chemical sterilization is done using ethylene oxide or nitrogen dioxide or ozone, formaldehyde, hydrogen peroxide
    • Sterilization is also done using radiation
    • The safety of the irradiation is regulated by the United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency

Differential Heating

    • Differential Heating is the process that creates two different temperatures to disintegrate the virus

India ranked 53rd in Budget Transparency and Accountability

India ranked 53rd in Budget Transparency and Accountability

Why in News?

According to the Open Budget Survey conducted by the International Budget Partnership, India ranked 53rd among 117 countries in budget transparency and accountability

About the Survey

    • The survey evaluated every country based on their issuance of information to the public in a timely manner
    • Also, they assessed how far the countries allowed public participation in order to prepare the ranking

World related rank

    • India scored 49 out 0f 100 in the survey
    • The score was above the global average of 45
    • New Zealand scored 87 and topped the list
    • South Africa, Mexico and Brazil were the other top performers with scores 87, 82 and 81 respectively

India Highlights

    • The survey gave better scores for India for its timely publishing and relevant information in the audit reports
    • According to the survey, absence of pre-budget statement and mid-year review in the year 2018-19 was the main reason for India to scoreless in the survey.

What are the suggestions followed

    • The survey suggests to maintain high degree of transparency in government finances in order to ensure the public resources are used judiciously
    • An integrated expenditure information architecture has to be built in every district headquarters
    • This will help the coordination and management committees at district level to enforce accountability and improve budget transparency

KVGB Launched ‘Vikas Abhaya’ loan scheme

KVGB Launched ‘Vikas Abhaya’ loan scheme

Karnataka Vikas Grameena Bank (KVGB) on April 29, 2020 launched ‘Vikas Abhaya’ a loan scheme

About KVGB:

Headquarters– Dharwad, Karnataka

What is the purpose of this loan scheme?

To provide some relief to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise(MSME) borrowers whose business activities are disrupted on account of the COVID-19 pandemic in Dharwad.

Notable points

    • The loan will be for the existing MSME customers who have been regular
    • A maximum loan of up to Rs 1 lakh will be provided
    • No collateral security is emphasized & is repayable within 36 months.
    • It is an additional credit facility to the eligible existing MSME borrowers & helps them to assist over the current crisis and ensures the continuation of viable business activity.

Other bank’s Initiative to deal with COVID-19

    • Indian Bank(IND) announced 5 special Covid emergency loan schemes, namely- IND- COVID Emergency Credit Line (IBCECL), IND- Micro, Small Enterprises(MSE) COVID Emergency Loan— (INDMSE-CEL), IND-COVID Emergency Salary Loan, IND COVID- Emergency Pension Loan to support its affected customers.
    • It has also launched Self Help Group(SHG)-COVID – SAHAYA LOAN, where members can avail a soft loan of Rs. 5000 that is Rs. 1 lakh per SHG. The loan is for 36 months with a 6 months moratorium.
    • Bank of India has launched a Covid Emergency Support Scheme for businesses where corporates can avail up to 20% additional credit on their existing current working capital limit
    • Individuals can get a personal loan, which is up to 3 times their last drawn salary
    • Those with home loans can draw additional amounts as emergency loans

Indian Football Legend Chuni Goswami Passed Away Aged 82

Indian Football Legend Chuni Goswami Passed Away Aged 82

About Chuni Goswami

    • Subimal Goswami also known as Chuni Goswami
    • He was an Indian international footballer and first class cricketer
    • He was born in Kishoreganj District of undivided Bengal
    • Goswami played first-class cricket for Bengal
    • From 1956 to 1964 he played 50 matches for India as a footballer
    • Goswami represented Bengal in 46 first-class games between 1962 and 1973.
    • In 1962 he earned the Best Striker of Asia Award
    • He was conferred with Arjuna Award (1963) and Padma Shri (1983).
    • on his 82nd birthday Indian Postal Department issued a commemorative stamp in January to recognise his contribution to the game in the country.
    • Goswami played for a single club, Mohun Bagan, throughout his career before his retirement in 1968.
    • He captained the club in five seasons from 1960 to 1964. He was conferred with Mohun Bagan Ratna in 2005

Geographical Indication(GI) tag to Gorakhpur terracotta

Geographical Indication(GI) tag to Gorakhpur terracotta

Why in News?

Geographical Indication(GI) given to Gorakhpur terracotta Uttar Pradesh due to its varied circulation for centuries

About Terracotta

    • The terracotta work of Gorakhpur is a centuries-old traditional art form
    • Potters makes different types of animal figures such as
      • Horses
      • Elephants
      • Camel
      • Goat
      • Ox

with hand-applied ornamentation

Some of the major products of craftsmanship include the

  • Hauda elephants
  • Mahawatdar horse
  • Deer
  • Camel
  • Five-faced Ganesha
  • Singled-faced Ganesha
  • Elephant table
  • Chandeliers
  • Hanging bells etc.


    • The entire work is done with bare hands and artisans use natural colour
    • There are more than 1,000 varieties of terracotta work designed by the local craftsmen.

Chinnaraja G. Naidu, deputy registrar, Geographical Indications, confirmed that the GI tag given to Black Rice of Manipur

Procedure of getting GI tag?

  • In the case of Gorakhpur terracotta, the application was filed by Laxmi Terracotta Murtikala Kendra in Uttar Pradesh

Geographical Indication(GI) tag to Manipur black rice

Geographical Indication(GI) tag to Manipur black rice

Why in News?

Geographical Indication(GI) given to Manipur black rice due to its varied circulation for centuries

Importance of Black Rice

    • Black Rice is in circulation for centuries
    • This is a very important sources of income for Chak-Hao

What is Chak-Hao?

    • Chak-Hao, a scented glutinous rice which is in cultivation in Manipur over centuries
    • It is characterised by its special aroma
    • It is normally eaten during community feasts and is served as Chak-Hao kheer
    • Chak-Hao is used by traditional medical practitioners as part of traditional medicine
    • According to the GI application filed, this rice takes the longest cooking time of 40-45 minutes due to the presence of a fibrous bran layer and higher crude fibre content
    • Direct sowing of pre-soaked seeds and also transplantation of rice seedlings raised in nurseries in puddled fields are widely practised in the State’s wetlands

Chinnaraja G. Naidu, deputy registrar, Geographical Indications, confirmed that the GI tag given to Black Rice of Manipur

Procedure of getting GI tag?

    • The application for Chak-Hao filed by the Consortium of Producers of Chak-Hao (Black Rice), Manipur
    • It is facilitated by the Department of Agriculture, Government of Manipur and the North Eastern Regional Agricultural Marketing Corporation Limited (NERAMAC)

Thangjam Dhabali Singh conferred ‘Order of Rising Sun’ by Japan

Thangjam Dhabali Singh conferred ‘Order of Rising Sun’ by Japan

Thangjam Dhabali Singh, Manipuri allopathic doctor On April 30, 2020 conferred with “Order of Rising Sun- Gold and Silver Rays” by the Japan government

About “Order of Rising Sun

    • The ”Order of the Rising Sun” is conferred on persons with achievements in international relations, promotion of Japanese culture, environmental preservation, welfare or achievements in their fields.
    • It was established in 1875 by Emperor Meiji and created on April 10, 1875, as the first national decoration of Japan.
    • The Order of the Rising Sun is Japan’s highest award

Why Japan govt gave that highest honor?

    • It is for his promotion of better understanding of Japan in India and deepening ties between the two nations
    • The Japan Government conferred the decoration on Singh while announcing the names of the foreign recipients of the Spring Decoration 2020

About Thangjam Dhabali Singh

    • He belongs to Manipur
    • Thangjam Dhabali Singh is the founder and the former president of the Manipur Tourism Forum (MTF)
    • He organised the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Imphal of the Second World War
      Japanese citizens, officials from the Embassy of Japan in India participated in the event
    • The Imphal Peace Foundation launched with support from the Sasakawa Peace Foundation and the Nippon Foundation of Japan on June 22 last year
    • Manipur Tourism Forum played an important role in giving shape to it during Dhabali Singh’s tenure as president of the forum.

About Japan:

  • Capital– Tokyo.
  • Currency– yen.
  • Prime Minister (PM)– Shinzō Abe.


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