Daily Current Affairs 15th April 2020

Daily Current Affairs 15th April 2020

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Uttar Pradesh is the First State to start Pool Testing

What is pool testing?

    • Under Pool Testing, if 10 samples of COVID-19 test negative, then it is an indicator that all the samples test negative.
    • On the other hand, if the samples tested are not negative, individual testing will be done.
    • Under pool testing, the samples will be mixed and tested.


    • On April 14, 2020

Who gives approval to do this?

    • ICMR (Indian Council of Medical Research)

What is this test for?

    • To start pool testing of COVID-19

Which State?

    • Uttar Pradesh

Why this testing?

    • To increase the number of testing.
    • With the number of cases increased to 558, the state expects there could be more cases than the numbers provided.
    • This is the reason for the adoption of pool testing

Importance of this testing?

    • The pool testing increases the testing capacity of a state.
    • It will accelerate the testing process

Targeted long-term repo operations (TLTRO) By RBI

RBI is going to impose penalty of 200 bps on banks if failed to invest TLTRO funds in 30 days

What is Targeted long-term repo operations?

    • It is a tool under which the central bank provides one-year to three-year money to banks at the prevailing repo rate.
    • This stimulates bank lending which leads to efficient liquidity in the economy.

About Reserve Bank of India (RBI):

    • Headquarters– Mumbai, Maharashtra
    • Formation– 1 April 1935
    • Governor– Shaktikanta Das
    • Deputy Governors– 4 (Bibhu Prasad Kanungo, Mahesh Kumar Jain, Michael Debabrata Patra, one is yet to be appointed).

Who instructed to the banks?

    • The Reserve Bank of India (RBI)

What is the instruction?

    • They need to invest the mandated 50% of the funds raised through targeted long-term repo operations (TLTRO) route, under the first tranche conducted on March 27, 2020,in corporate bonds or specified securities within a month or 30 working days.
    • The deployment of funds availed under TLTRO in the primary market cannot exceed 50% of the amount availed.

What happens if banks not follows RBI instructions?

    • RBI to slap 200 bps penal interest If failed, the interest rate on un-deployed funds will increase to prevailing policy repo rate plus 200 bps (basis points) additional penal interests will have to be paid for the number of days such funds remain un-deployed.

What is the present policy rate?

    • 4.40%.

Guggenheim fellowships 2020

What is Guggenheim Fellowships 2020?

    • It is to honour artists, writers, scholars and scientific researchers, who are chosen based on their previous accomplishments and what foundation officials describe as their “exceptional promise”

Given by whom?

    • By former United States Senator and Mrs. Simon Guggenheim, in the memory of 17 year old John Simon Guggenheim.

Who was awarded Guggenheim Fellowships 2020?

    • Four Indian-Americans

Who are they?

    • Pradeep Sharma- mechanical engineer at the University of Houston
    • Kavita Ramanan- professor of Applied Mathematics at Brown University
    • Dilip Da Cunha- architect, planner and teacher at Harvard University and Columbia University
    • Mukul Sharma- professor of Earth Sciences at Dartmouth College


    • On April 14, 2020

Why the were awarded?

    • They demonstrated exceptional capacity for productive scholarship or exceptional creative ability in the arts.

Goa is the first state to integrate allopathy and Ayurveda against COVID-19

What is the announcement?

    • To treat COVID-19, Goa state first time integrates allopathy and Ayurveda

Who announced it?

    • Goa Chief Minister (CM) Pramod Sawant

About Goa:

    • Capital– Panaji.
    • Governor– Satya Pal Malik.

Notable points?

    • Ayurveda is not to cure COVID-19
    • Ayurveda boosts immunity
    • Treatment is in consultation with the Ayurvedic doc, who are dealing with COVID-19 patients

DRDO Developed “COVSACK” to combat COVID-19

Who developed COVSACK?

    • The Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and consulting doctors in Employees State Insurance Corporation (ESIC)


    • The COVSACK is COVID-19 Sample Collection Kiosk.

What is COVSACK?

    • Firstly, a patient walks into the Kiosk cabin
    • Outside of that cabin health care professional collects samples with oral swabs
    • After the patient leaves the cabin, four nozzle sprayers spray disinfectants mist for around 70 seconds
    • Now the cabin is flushed with water and UV light.

Current Practice

    • A medical professional from outside flushes the system with a disinfectant.
    • This puts him under a vulnerable position.

What are the uses with this system?

    • The system is ready in less than 2 minutes for the next use.
    • The cost of COVSACK is around Rs 1 lakh.
    • There is no involvement of manual disinfection in the entire process.
    • The system is safe to use.

ayurvedam against covid 19Ayurvedic Trials Against COVID-19 in India

Why in News?

    • The task force constituted for ayurvedic trials in india against covid 19

What are we using now?

    • As a preventive measure for asymptomatic patients, the drug called Hydroxychloroquine is being used
    • Unfotunately this drug has several side effects.

China model of traditional drugs?

    • China was succuess in using traditional medicines in the country.
    • Information given by ICMR, the traditional drug used along with allopathic drugs
    • The success attracted the neighbouring countries like Inida
    • India is planning to adopt ayurvedic and other traditional approaches.

Already using states?

    • Kerala
    • Goa
    • Haryana

Notable points?

    • The experts that were sought for suggestions have submitted more than 2000 proposals.
    • A task force has been formed for scientific validation of ayurvedic and traditional medicine formula to shortlist the protocol.
    • The Task force consists of members from Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), Department of Biotechnology (DBT).

lockdown 2.0 guidelinesLock Down 2.0 Guidelines by Home Ministry


    • On April 15, 2020

Who issued these guidelines?

    • The Ministry of Home Affairs

For what?

    • The second lock down also known as the smart lock down

Aim of Lock Down 2.0?

    • It aims to consolidate the gains achieved by the first lock down

Spitting is Offensive?

    • Yes, according to the guidelines make the use of face masks at work places compulsory
    • Health care measures such as fines for spitting
    • provisions of sanitizers and thermal screening have been made compulsory.

How Spitting Declared Offensive?

    • Spitting made punishable offence under Section 51 of Disaster Management Act.
    • If you refused to follow the order, there shall be One Year Imprisonment 

What is Section 51 Of Disaster Management Act?

The section 51 of Disaster Management act says, if any person is denying or not following to obey the order passed by the respective act is punishable

What to be shutdown at Lock Down 2.0?

    • Public transport services
    • Cinema halls
    • Shopping complexes
    • Educational institutions

What to be open?

    • Essential to maintain essential services functional from April 20.

Special Economic Zones

    • Coal mining
    • Industrial Estates
    • oil production

environment impact assessment exampappaEnvironment Impact Assessment(EIA) Notification 2006 amended to increase the availability/production of bulk drugs

What is EIA?

    • Environment Impact Assessment is, if a project is proposed, if it may impact on the environment and socio, economical, humanitarian, health etcc.. it will estimate the impact of that particular project will be examined

Why Environment Impact Assessment Notification 2006 amended?

    • It is to increase the availability or production of bulk drugs within a short span of time

When did they take this decision?

    • 15 APR 2020

Need of this amendment?

    • To fight against COVID-19

Who took this decision?

    • Ministry of Environment,Forest and Climate Change

Essence of this amendment?

    • All projects or activities in respect of bulk drugs and intermediates, manufactured for addressing various ailments, have been re-categorized from the existing Category ‘A’ to ‘B2’ category.
    • Category B2 Projects are exempted from requirement of collection of Base line data, EIA Studies and public consultation.
    • It is to fast track the process.
    • To increase the availability of medicine
    • To fast disposal of the proposals

sahyog geo spatial app exampappa.comSAHYOG Integrated geospatial platform against COVID-19

Why SAHYOG initiative?

    • It is to help area-specific strategies & decisions against COVID-19 and advise at the outbreak

Is this available only in the form of app?

    • No, it is available in the form of app and also can be accessable through web (https://indiamaps.gov.in/soiapp/)
    • It will support “AAROGYA-SETU” mobile application

Who created it?

    • The Department of Science and Technology (DST)

Notable points?

    • This app and online portals for now expected to strengthen the State and Central Governments public health delivery system
    • If the said achieved it provides the necessary geospatial information support to citizens
    • It also helps the agencies dealing with the challenges related to health, socio-economic distress, and livelihood challenges.

Who managed these app and web portal?

    • Prepared & managed by the Survey of India (SoI)

How it could be helpful?

    • It can help the country in taking rapid spatial information-based decisions to face the multilayered crisis that the pandemic and brought and spread the impact of such decisions through the country.

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