Daily Current Affairs 13th April 2020

Daily Current Affairs 13th April 2020

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Ministry of HRD launched YUKTI Portal

What is YUKTI portal?

    • It is to Monitor initiatives of Young India Combating COVID with Knowledge, Technology and Innovation.

Under which ministry?

What is the aim of this portal?

    • To act as a two-way communication between the institutions and the ministry.
    • It will also provide information for the ministry to monitor activities in the coming six months.
    • Also, the platform will help in taking research updates to the citizens in the country.

What this portal does?

    • This portal will record, cover and monitor initiatives of Ministry of HRD and other educational institutes in the country.

What are the important Highlights?

    • The main It will act as a platform for the institutions to share their knowledge about challenges faced in encountering COVID-19.

What does this portal cover?

  • It will cover several initiatives of research and academics.
  • It will also include social initiatives taken for the betterment of students.

First Station of IR to Install Sanitizing Tunnel that is Ahmedabad Railway Station

Which station?

    • Ahmedabad railway station


    • On April 9, 2020

About Indian Railways:

    • Headquarters– New Delhi
    • Minister of Railway– Piyush Goyal
    • Chairman of Railway Board– Vinod Kumar Yadav

Where it is located?

    • Kalupur, Gujarat of Western Railway

Why to Install Sanitizing Tunnel?

    • To ensure the safety of staff and passengers in the view of the COVID-19.

Tunnel Inaugurated by whom?

    • Inaugurated by Ahmedabad DRM (Divisional Railway Manager) Deepak Jha.

What are the important points About Sanitizing tunnel?

    • When a passenger approaches the tunnel entrance it starts fogging automatically.
    • He tunnel uses WHO (World Health Organization) approved sanitizer and fitted with a sensor
    • The sanitization system runs on the principle of Vaporization process which converts the sanitizer mixture into vapour which forms a uniform layer over the surface & dries up quickly.

DigiGen, a digital Banking Platform Launched by Jana Small Finance Bank


    • On April 7, 2020

What is the news?

    • The Jana Small Finance Bank
    • a scheduled commercial bank

About Jana Small Finance Bank:

    • Headquarters– Bengaluru, India
    • Managing Director (MD) & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)– Ajay Kanwal

What it does?

    • It has launched DigiGen

What it does?

    • It enables the customers to open digitally a savings account & fixed deposit instantly anytime & anywhere

What are the important points?

    • It is a 3 step process to open an account, where the customers are eligible for 4.5% interest rates on savings accounts with no minimum balance and up to 7.5% interest on fixed deposits.
    • The new digital solution offers many features including online bill payment, instant cash transfer and airport lounge access on a debit card.

Digital Stethoscope Developed by IIT Bombay Researchers

What is Digital Stethoscope?

    • It can hear heartbeat from a distance


    • On April 11, 2020

Who developed this?

    • A team from Biomedical Engineering & Technology incubation Centre (BETiC) at the Indian Institute of Technology of Bombay (IIT-B)

What it does?

    • Thus the smart stethoscope minimises the risk to doctors and health care professionals who are handling COVID- 19 (Coronavirus) patients.
    • What are the important points?The data or the auscultated sound from a patient’s chest is wirelessly sent to the doctor using Bluetooth.
    • The product has been developed with clinical inputs from doctors at Reliance Hospital and PD Hinduja Hospital.
    • The team in collaboration with “AyuDevice”, a startup company in IIT-B campus, has sent 1,000 digital stethoscopes to different hospitals and healthcare centers across the country.

Helicopter Money Suggested by Telangana Chief Minister KCR

What is Helicopter Money?

    • It is the monetary policy tool used for Quantitative Easing

Who termed this?

    • It is the term framed by an American Economist Milton Friedman

What is the aim?

    • To dump money into a struggling economy.

Who suggests this?

    • It is suggested by World Experts

Why this has suggested?

    • With the increasing economic crisis, Helicopter Money is a solution being suggested by economic specialists all over the world.
    • It is in simple terms it is an extension of non-repayable money towards state and central governments from central bank.
    • The policy intends to make more money available for the people to nudge them to spend more.

Why Helicopter Money in News?

    • In India, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekar Rao has suggested the concept
    • For the state governments to revive economic growth.
    • He asked the RBI to release 5% of GDP as Helicopter money.

Is there any others who suggested this?

  • CII has also recommended similar arrangement
  • CII has also recommended direct cash transfer of Rs 5000 to all the account holders whose annual income is below Rs 5 lakh.
  • The Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) has recommended money transfer as one time action.

CollabCAD launched in Atal Tinkering Labs

What is CollabCAD?

    • The CollabCAD is a software that is highly relevant to school students. It helps to materialize their creativity and ideas.


    • On April 13, 2020

Who Launched it?

    • The NITI Aayog
    • Atal Innovation Mission (AIM)
    • National Informatics Centre

Aim of this initiative?

    • To provide a platform to find solutions in terms of 2D drafting and 3D product design.

For whom they launched it?

    • For the students of Atal Tinkering Labs


    • To create and modify 3D designs

What it does?

    • This will enable creativity and imaginations.

What are the Other initiatives?

    • A game development module was also launched by AIM in partnership with DELL Technologies.

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