Daily Current Affairs 10th April 2020

Daily Current Affairs 10th April 2020

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Delhi Government Launched Operation Shield

What is operation Shield?


  1. Sealing
  2. Home quarantine
  3. Isolation and tracing
  4. Essential supply
  5. Local sanitation and
  6. Door-to-door checks.

Where it launched?

  • It has launched in the containment zones of National Capital Region.

When did Operation Shield launched?

  • On April 9, 2020

Who launched operation shield?

  • Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal

What are the features of operation shield?

  • 21 zones selected these zones surroundings locked
  • These zones people to be home quarantined
  • Isolation to the first and second contacts of people
  • The first and second contacts of the people are to be traced and isolated
  • Essential supplies are assured
  • Local authorities are going to sanitize the areas
  • In these areas Door-to-door health checks to be conducted

What are the Other recent initiatives by Delhi govt?

Saudi-led Coalition  declares Ceasefire in Yemen


  • On April 9, 2020

Who declared it?

  • The Saudi Arabia led coalition

What are the countries in coalition?

    1. Saudi Arabia
    2. Sudan
    3. UAE
    4. Bahrain
    5. Qatar
    6. Kuwait
    7. Egypt
    8. Jordan
    9. Morocco
    10. Senegal
    11. US also supported this coalition

What is this Yemen War?

  • Yemen conflict began in 2015
  • In West of Yemen Iran military backed Houthis and controlled
  • These people forced President Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi to flee abroad.

What happens with this?

  • To restore the Hadi’s govt the saudi and eight other states lead a military campaign

What happened with the war?

  • 7,500 civilians killed
  • 80% of the population need humanitarian assistance

CHARAK Mobile Doctor Booth for Zero Contact Check Ups by Madhya Pradesh Railways

Who developed this?

  • The West Central Railway’s Coach Rehabilitation Workshop (CRWS)

Where is it located?

  • Madhya Pradesh’s (MP)

Why CHARAK created?

  • To eliminate the possibility of physical contact between the doctor and the coronavirus (COVID-19) infected patient.

Important information for exam?

  • Doctors can examine patients in a viral barrier chamber to avoid direct physical contact.
    This system is very helpful to the doctors and medical staff


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