China’s 1st Mars Exploration Mission Tianwen 1

China’s 1st Mars Exploration Mission Tianwen 1

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chian's First mars missionWhy in News?

The Chinese National Space Administration (CNSA) On April 24, 2020 stated that it is going to launch China’s first Mars Exploration mission as Tianwen 1 and also stated that from now onwards all the planetary missions are to be named as Tianwen series.

About Tianwen

    • Tianwen means Heavenly Questions
    • The Chinese Mars mission includes orbiting, landing and roving on the planet mars

Is there any mission launched earlier?

    • Earlier in 2011, China sent its exploratory probe called Yinghuo-I
    • They sent it through Russian spacecraft
    • The spacecraft declared lost after it burnt during its re-entry.

World Mars Missions

    • India, Russia, European Union and United States have succeeded in sending missions to
    • Mars India’s mars mission is “Mangalyaan”
    • It was launched in 2013 by ISRO
    • India is the 4th nation in the world to reach Mars after Russia, USA and European Union

Source: SpaceNews

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