African Swine Flu again hit in Assam

African Swine Flu again hit in Assam

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African Swine Flu again hit in Assam

Why in News?

On May 3, 2020 the Assam Government confirmed that more than 2,500 pigs in 306 villages were killed due to African Swine Flu in Assam

There was no relevance brought with COVID-19

Notable points

  • The reason of death of the pigs were confirmed as African Swine Flu by the National Institute of High Security Animal Diseases (NIHSAD) of Bhopal
  • According to 2019 census, the pig population in Assam was 21 lakhs
  • Though the central government has passed order to cull the pigs, the state government is looking for alternative measures to save the pigs before culling them


  • Though, there are acts to protect animals such as Wildlife (Protection) act and Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, there is no legislation or rules on culling of animals
  • Animal Culling is done based on order passed by the central government

Culling on Vermin

  • When an animal is classified as “vermin” by the Central Government, the protection over the animal under the Wildlife Protection Act is removed
  • Vermin are wild animals that are believed to be harmful
  • When as species is declared vermin, it can be culled or hunted without restriction
  • Any species can be declared as vermin except for those species that are listed in Schedule I of the Wildlife Protection Act, 1972 and also those species that are listed in part II of the schedule II of the WPA 1972

African Swine Flu

  • The African Swine Flu is a double-stranded DNA virus and is a causative agent of African Swine fever
  • It infects pigs, warthogs and its natural hosts

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